Facts To Know About The Hair Follicle Drug Test

It takes five days for drugs to be reach the hair follicle. Hair follicle drug testing after five days of substance abuse will lead to positive results for sure. Interestingly, the traces of drugs or other toxic elements remain in the hair follicles for almost three months. Hair drug testing in this period will show positive results without any doubt. Moreover, the total drug history of the person can be traced from this testing.

The Procedure of Hair Follicle Drug Testingdrug testing

All kinds of drugs like cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidines, opiates and methamphetamines can be detected through this drug test. For such tests almost 50-100 strands of hair are required. There are various kinds of detox products that are available in the market to pass this drug test successfully.

With proper testing techniques, the quantities of drugs that have been consumed can also be found out. Such detailed information cannot be obtained from any other drug testing method. Traces of drugs get trapped at the roots of the hair and remains there for an extended period.

Why the Hair Drug Test?

Hair drug test is the most effective and reliable drug testing method. Medical experts have proved that the traces of drugs or other additives are found in the hair follicles for an extended period when compared to urine tests, saliva tests or blood tests. Hair analysis opens up many facts regarding drug abuse.

Can One Cheat a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Passing hair follicle drug tests has become simpler with the various hair detox products for drug test like old style toxin rid shampoo that is available online. Learn more on how special detox shampoos available can help in cleansing and washing the drugs that are embedded in the hair follicles. These shampoos have the capacity to penetrate into the scalp and the hair shaft and deep clean the toxins that are present.

headacheThere are also various types of hair detox shampoos that are available in the market that help in removing the toxic elements as much as possible so that the drug test comes to be negative. The shampoos for drug testing come in bottles, tubes as well as sachets. You can choose the one as per requirements and prices. However, the best way to pass the test is by refraining from such harmful drugs.

While there are those who believe in the reliability of hair drug tests, there are still some who are apprehensive about the accuracy of their results. Masking the hair is possible through the use of hair products but remember: drugs and their metabolites stay in the hair and not on it.