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Beginner’s Guide To Making Hash Oil For Vaping

Vaping has gained popularity over the last couple of year, taking the world by storm. Innovation has seen people come up with different vaping products including hash oil. While most of the e-juice are bought, people can still make some at home. So, if you would like to know how to make hash oil for a vape pen, then this article is for you. It will give the best guidelines to making one at home.

How to make hash oil for vaping

The required ingredients

oilMaking the hash oil will require some couple of items that include the concentrate, liquidizer, and mixing bowls and spatula. This stage determines the quality of results to a great extent. The better the quality, the better the results of hash oil. The popular preferred concentrate is one without the plant elements to avoid results with residuals. The residuals can affect the tank of a vaping pen.

Making the marijuana concentrate

Getting hash oil – THT or wax, BHO or Wax as commonly known – will require you to use a solvent. Most people use ethanol to extract the oil from cannabis leaves. Soaking the leaves in the alcohol will have it turn brown, and the resulting matter will solidify. Initially, the hash oils are used for marijuana dabs where its burnt directly with a butane or propane torch. A successful creation of a concentrate will make you ready for the next step.

Selecting a liquidizer

The liquidizer determines whether you will have an e-juice or not. Buying the best quality liquidizer may be tough with all the information on the internet. However, research on the best will help you make a choice when buying. A liquidizer with ingredient PEG is the best as this is an FDA approved content.

How to make the hash oil

leavesNow, the process of making the hash oil for vaping is complete upon getting the right ingredients. The standard ratio used by most people is two parts of liquidizer to one part of concentrate. Then heat and stir the ingredient. Heating using a double bath method is the most recommended although one can carefully heat on the direct heat. Microwaving is also good but for people with experience. If you are a starter, then go for the safe way of using a double bath heating method.


Once the hash oil e-juice is ready, you can use on any of the favorite vaping pens. A good vaping pen with the best heating coils will give a good vapor.