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Steps On How To Acquire A Perfect Mental Health

Mental health and peace are some of essential elements of human life. However, acquiring perfect mental health and peace may not be as easy as it sounds. Are you among many who are perturbed? You can reverse the situation by improving your mental health and find peace. Some of the ways you can achieve this have been discussed below

Ways to acquire perfect mental health

Meditate frequently

Meditation is one of the best and most effective ways of keeping your mind thoughtless. Thmental healthis makes your mind peaceful thus boosting its health. When you spend at least half an hour every day meditating, your mind is likely to remain calm the rest of the day. If you want to get perfect mental health and peace, learn how to meditate earnestly and include meditation in your daily routine.

Keep your mind occupied

When your mind is empty, it creates room for mental disturbance. The mind is what controls what we think and do. You should occupy your mind with positive and worthwhile things. There are various ways to do this, such as following your hobby, engaging in social works, exercising, reading healthy content, etc. in other words, occupy your mind with things that make you feel good.

Practice gratitude

You must be having blessings that you can count in your life. Take some time just to think about the things you have accomplished and appreciate yourself. You can be spending just ten minutes every day to list a few things you are grateful of, or you can have that list on a piece of paper, computer or phone so as to be going through it every day. When you practice gratitude every day, it becomes easier to boost your mental health and peace because you will see worth in yourself

Find time to relax

Many peorelaxple lack peace today simply because they are too busy to relax. What such people fail to understand is that this is deteriorating their mental health and can deny them peace of mind. With time, such people will not be able to perform tasks as before simply because of poor mental health. Spare some time to relax with friends or family members, play or exercise, or engage in your favorite activity. Relaxing also gives your mind time to grow

Eat well

There is a relationship between the food you eat and your mental health and peace. Eat healthily and natural foods that inhibit production of stress hormone. Also, take the time to prepare these foods by yourself and enjoy the preparation time.

Effects Of Chronic Stress On The Brain Inflammation And Memory

Chronic stress increases the cortisol hormone, the stress hormone, which affects various brain functions. This exposes you to the risk of having mood disorders and other mental issues. It is true to mention that stress is normal and part of human life, especially in the modern way of life. Acute and chronic stresses are the two main forms of stress. It is worth noting that not all stress forms are harmful to your health. Acute stress is a reasonable reaction to an immediate threat.

What is chronic stress

It is compointmonly regarded as the fight or flight’ response. Once the threat is out, the stress hormonal levels stabilize, and there are not long-lasting effects. On the contrary, chronic stress is harmful to your health. Unfortunately, the modern life is full of such forms of stress. From the study, over 9 out of 10 visits to the doctor are stress-related. Chronic stress makes your body vulnerable to a lot more health risks.

Your body is not the only one affected by elevated stress levels. The brain too is negatively impacted. In cases of chronic stress, your brain function is altered. This can even trickle down to the DNA structure. Adrenaline (also called the epinephrine) and norepinephrine are two common stress hormones produced when needed in extreme moments of excitement. In cases of emergency, they help you to move and reason faster. Usually, they are meant to save your life. They come and disappear in the same speed.

On the other hand, cortisol may stream through the system the entire day. This is dangerous for your health. It is usually a public enemy. Uncontrolled production of cortisol may cause weight gain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, heart problems, diabetes, and cancer among other health issues. Chronic stress takes a toll in the adrenal glands. It causes exhaustion, mood, lack of sleep, low attention spans, and memory problems.

Effects of chronic stress on the brain

The brain is equally affected by increased stress. Some of the common symptoms include memory problems, unexplained worry, and anxiety. However, most problems in the brain are behind the scenes. They take effect without your notice but the side effects will be experienced later. The common negative effects of stress to the brain are:

  • Stress kills the brain cells due to the free radicals created in the brain. The extra neurotransmitter glutamate causes radicals that will eat up the cells in the brain.watch
  • Makes one emotional and abnormally forgetful.
  • Creates a vicious cycle of anxiety and unreasonable fear as well as depression.
  • Stress halts the brain functions and creation of new cells.
  • Exposes toxins to the brain causing it shrink and ill.
  • It contributes to brain inflammation and depression.
  • It causes health risks and in some cases suicide due to uncontrolled thoughts.