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Choosing the right pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy comes with its physical challenges. Many women experience discomfort in the late stages of pregnancy because of the growing bump. At this stage, it is important to look for a pregnancy pillow to reduce the challenges and make sleeping more comfortable. The best way to encourage quality sleep during pregnancy is by getting a pregnancy pillow. A good pregnancy pillow will support all part of your body to give you a good sleeping position. There are different types of pregnancy pillows, and it all depends on the sleeping posture that you want to achieve.

Pregnancy pillow types

V-shaped pillow

A V-shaped pillow is ideal for women who suffer from back pain during pregnancy. The main role of a v-shaped is to offer the needed support to the back and make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. A V-shaped pillow is also ideal if you experience heartburn during the pregnancy. With a v-shaped pillow, it is possible to sleep in a propped up position, and this keeps you as comfortable as possible throughout the night.

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Wedge pillows

Wedge pillows are tucked under the baby bump to support the stomach. By supporting the stomach, it becomes easy to release all tension and stress at the back. Just like the v-shaped pillow, the wedge pillow is also good for easing back pain. Wedge pillows can also be used in sitting position to support the back.

Donut shaped pillows

The donut shaped pillows are the most versatile pregnancy pillows. Donut shaped pillows can be placed in different parts of the body to offer support. You can put the donut shaped pillow below the baby bump to support the weight of the baby. Other uses of this type of pillow include putting them between the legs to manage hip and pelvic pain due to the weight of the baby. You can use the donut shaped pillow depending on your comfort needs.

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Full body pillow

A full body pillow is the best gift that you can give any pregnant woman. Expectant mothers experience challenges due to the growing baby bump, and this leads to pain in various parts of the body. Apart from offering support, a full body pillow also encourages the flow of blood to different parts of the body. A full body pillow is used to support the back, bump, pelvis area and also the knees.